Workshop for parents and reference persons of children affected by racism

Schwarze Frau erhebt ZeigefingerThe workshop addresses parents and reference persons of children exposed to racist discrimination. We invite Black People and People of Color who experience racism and have children of their own or in their personal environment. We also address white parents, white siblings or flatmates who live with Black Children/ Children of Color.  These family constellations occur for example when one parent is not white, when white parents adopt a Black Child or when Black Children/ Children of Color live in a mostly white shared flat.

We discuss how racism is embedded in our society and how this affects the everyday life of children. Our own role will also be examined and reflected as well as problems

Frau mit Kopftuch

that white reference persons have to face. We want to work out together how to talk about discrimination within the scope of family or personal relationships. The workshop aims at  developing strategies to reinforce the children sustainably in their development, to develop a positive self-image and in general to cope with stressful events.

There will be stages during the workshop in which participants who have experienced racism will be able to sharetheir own experiences.

The workshop will be carried out by ManuEla Ritz.


Date:  October 12 to 13, each from 10 am to 5 pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Venue: Magdeburg, the location will be disclosed after binding registration

The training is free of charge. Snacks, beverage and a light meal at lunchtime will be provided.

We kindly ask you to provide the following information when you register (October 2):

What is your relation to the child (parent, grandparent, sibling, aunt/uncle, flatmate, etc.) and what kind of experience with racism did he or she make?

Do you experience racism yourself? If so, based on what (e.g. skin color, descent, religion)?

Do you need translation (please indicate language)?

Do you need childcare assistance?

Do you need an overnight accommodation in Magdeburg and/ or refund of travel expenses?

Laura Schrader
Tel: 0152 56034747 or 0391 99078887